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Ian Fluhler - CEO/Founder

Ian Fluhler, the founder of Skills Given, is a specialized I’m Possible Skill Enhancement Trainer.

You will face challenges within training, but I've always believed that with patience and hard work the results you want will come. With time, dedication and the belief within yourself you can achieve all your goals and dreams.



Ian spent time as an intern at the I'm Possible headquarters where he was able to to shadow and participate in training players such as:

Brandon Ingram

Jay Henderson

Scottie Lewis

Aidan Igiehon

Bryan Antoine

Noah Farrahan

Jalen Gaffney

Alex Klatsky

Quincy Taylor

Jimmy Scholler

Pierre Brooks II

Chris Taylor and many more

His passion for the game of basketball lead him to want to train others. As his passion continues to grow;  his love for training drives him to train all ages to help them succeed to be the best they can be. 



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