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Take a look at what Skills Given has to offer. Below is a complete breakdown of each training package and what is included in each package. You can view our prices here

When training with Skills Given, students will challenge themselves to expose their weaknesses. Sessions are designed to cover basketball skill development which includes: footwork, ball handling, driving, finishing and passing.​​​


Training sessions are 1-2 hours; with a variety of packages you can choose from that will fit your child best. 

During each training session Skills Given provides instant individual feedback and new material each session, focusing on skills needing improvement. Our belief is to set small goals working on a specific skill until it's mastered. Training professionally for their ultimate end goal. 

Players will learn how to self-access and will need to work on what is practiced during our training session outside of our time together. We work with equip players of all levels that have a passion to improve their basketball skills. We train for what they will become - not what they are now. 

Packages are designed for you to choose what works best with what outcome you desire to have. 


Group training sessions have five our more players. This package is great for beginners looking to begin their journey or see if this is the right fit for them. The 'I'm Possible' training app is NOT included within this package. All training hours must be used within the set dates and will not be refunded. 



Private training sessions have a maximum of four players per session. Allowing our trainer to give a more attention to each player and  individual feedback. This package is great for players with a busy schedule, sessions are typically 2-3 times a month. Included in this package is a an 'I'm Possible' training app that can be downloaded on any smart device. If paid hours are unused during a desired month, they can be rolled over into the following month to best fit each players schedule. Pay periods are every thirty days. 



One on one training is a great package for players looking to work hard and get results fast. This package allows players to work solo with our trainer allowing for their undivided attention. Sessions are typically 1-2 hours long, our trainer provides multiple training obstacles and work outs. Focusing on skills important to each player. Players will gain more knowledge of their weaknesses and work specifically with our trainer to improve them. 



Custom training is designed for players looking for specific training and a specific schedule. Do you or your player have set goals? This package is for players who know what they want and is designed to fit their needs. When purchasing this package you will be in contact with our trainer to set a schedule that fits the players needs. With a variety of training hours to choose from. Visit our prices page to view more. Our trainer will work one on one with the player and prepare the most adequate workout for them. All training hours must be used within the set dates and will not be refunded. 

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